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A handmade jewel

by Nicolas, my husband.
Pure HTML, CSS and Javascript - nothing more. No framework, no CMS system, no database, no spying on visitors in the background. Just real craftsmanship and therefore almost maintenance-free and hacker-proof.

The ideal technique for your special business card on the internet!


I have been a "fan" of Typo3 ( almost since the first hour it became known.
A few sites have also been created with Wordpress, so I know that I will stay with Typo3, even though it has many rough edges - but when it works, it works ...

Of course, my own pages are also created with it!!!

My latest assignment:Verkehrswacht Bodenseekreis

I would like to concentrate on Typo3 and Reveal in the future, so I will refrain from showing the WordPress references.