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Typography and illustration

Book design makes your manuscript stand out ...

I offer book design according to your wishes and specifications, no matter whether novel, non-fiction book or business report ...

The process:
You send me the text with instructions for the desired design. Examples from books or magazines on typography, illustrations, in short, what you particularly like, help me to plan. When we have the impression that this fits with us, I develop three design proposals ranging from simple to more complex.
Depending on the chosen design variant, I make the offer. Experience has shown that complete prices are the safest for both sides, and I include two correction loops. If I notice that the effort will be higher than expected due to unforeseen changes, we will talk about it. If the cost is lower, there is of course a discount.


A fully edited and corrected manuscript is a prerequisite for adherence to the prices. I will charge for design changes resulting from deviations from the manuscript.


I don't want to deal with depictions of violence and horror. I love the beautiful things in life, art, philosophy, being subtle, which is also expressed in the book design.


I create illustrations for books, advertising, presentations or picture frames - my pencil is already looking forward to your ideas. I work classically by hand or with the digital drawing board.


Here you can find a small selection of my works

Doctor ‘s Kitchen Talk Cookbook

In German, English and Italian

Task: Book typesetting in all three languages + design, cover design, image editing

"Subtiler Autismus. Mein Kind ist anders"



Task: Book typesetting and design

Autismus Kinderbuch

Task: book typesetting and design (with most of the graphics already in place)


Die volle Bandbreite

[Translate to English:]

"An inspiring journey through the world of woven ribbons ..."

Task: cover design, book typesetting, image editing, special challenge: the origin of the content was a website, i.e. almost all images were reduced to a minimum and had to be prepared for print.

Butterfly wings

[Translate to English:]

Gong - Sound - Transformation - A valuable work of art full of life wisdom and inspiration for gong enthusiasts, craftsmen and other consciousness explorers ...

Task: Cover design, book typesetting, image editing

Small selection of further illustrations ...