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Come to rest with brush and pencil ...

... leaving everyday worries behind or simply being in the here and now for the fun of it. In this feeling, developing the picture out of the moment, completely without a plan, that is pure relaxation, sometimes also the art, when the mind does not want to come to rest.

I offer workshops because I can speak only too well from my own experience of how soothing it is to reduce the world to a sheet of paper. In difficult times, drawing is an anchor in the surf for me, and sometimes it even gives rise to new ideas, new thoughts for life.

You don't need to worry about anything, we provide paper and colours - feel free to bring your own familiar drawing material.

There are no fixed painting locations, we can decide spontaneously whether we meet at one of the wonderful river landscapes, listen to the wisdom of the trees in the forest or change the perspective from higher up.

Participation requirement:
Anyone can paint!  Therefore, no previous knowledge is necessary.
It is not about results, the only goal is to find inner contemplation through doing.
For relaxed painting, complete freedom from expectations helps.

We provide the material:
We paint with watercolour, gouache, coloured pencils, fineliners, acrylic and ink.
You are also welcome to bring your familiar colours and painting grounds.

Cost per participant for 3 hours incl. paper and colors:
from 3 participants CHF 90.
(If necessary or if we are just in the "flow", we extend without surcharge).

If you are interested in individual or small group workshops write me for prices.


October 2023 in planning
Location: Palagnedra in Centovalli

Saturday, 9 September 2023
Location: Palagnedra in Centovalli

further dates in planning.

If you live in Ticino or are on holiday here and would like to treat yourself to a few hours of painting time out, then write to me. I am happy to offer individual dates.

Painting locations

We will discuss the painting location and times when we have enough registrations. Depending on the heat, it takes place higher up in the mountains or by cooling rivers. Preferred region is Locarno, Verzasca Valley, Maggia Valley.