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With pen & brush

My favourite thing is to sit in front of the canvas with my acrylic paints and enjoy the peace that arises when even large formats want to be worked on with the smallest of brushes. These are the most beautiful moments when the outside ceases to exist and only the idea, the colour and the painting surface are left ... Balm for the soul.

Painting for relaxation

I offer painting time-outs in beautiful Ticino.
With imagination, spontaneity and intuition we paint and draw on paper or canvas. Playing with different colours and pens we experience the emergence of the unexpected - shapes, patterns, mixtures ...

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Would you like a picture based on your own design?

Animals, landscapes, surreal ...
All I need is a good photo and/or an idea of what it can become.

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Picture gallery

Experimenting on paper and canvas

with gouache, acrylic, fineliner, ink, coloured pencils ...

Nature - Flowers - Trees

Sometimes with oil, sometimes with acrylic, although I have put the oil paints to one side in the meantime.


in acrylic and watercolour.


most of the paintings are not planned, they emerge in the course of painting.

On wood / stone

Wooden discs fell into my hands, what could be more obvious than to paint on them. The next project is stones.

Ink / pencil / pen

"Scribble pictures" with the ink pen - drawing for relaxation.


Mandalas, nudes, but altogether too few pictures for own galleries ...

Where I learned

Faber-Castell Academy

I gained my first course experience at the Faber-Castell Academy, where I took courses in a wide range of techniques with various lecturers.

Reichenhall Academy

For many years this was my most beautiful retreat - I was allowed to learn a lot in fantastic surroundings and an inspiring atmosphere!

I owe many tips to Georg Fenkl. I often attended his wonderful courses there twice a year. Unfortunately, he suddenly put down his paintbrush for good a few years ago.

Friedrich Hechelmann

Drawing time with Friedrich Hechelmann. In the "School of Seeing" there is plenty of time to look closely. One week drawing with pencil and eraser, the second week with watercolours. A real course pearl, if you have a lot of patience and calm.